Elevate Your Event with Our 4ft Marquee Letters, Numbers, and Symbols


Add a touch of brilliance to your special occasion with our 4ft marquee letters, numbers, and symbols, featuring color-changing LED lights. Whether you’re looking to spell out a heartfelt message, showcase a significant date, or create a dazzling backdrop, our marquees offer the perfect blend of elegance and versatility.


Choose from the classic allure of traditional white lighting or opt for a splash of color to match your event’s theme. Our range of colors allows you to tailor the ambiance to your exact specifications, ensuring a memorable experience for you and your guests.


Rent our marquee pieces today and illuminate your event with a personalized, vibrant display that leaves a lasting impression.

Check out our 360 Photo Booth setup. Make sure you provide an ample amount of space when renting our famous The Photo 360.

The 50″ TV is not included in the base pricing and must be selected as an add-on option. The TV displays LIVE video of the guest(s) on the 360 Photo Booth. Guests will be able to view themselves and a live count down with animations. It’s super amazing and brings lots of fun and excitement to the event.

The Sharing Station is always included. Guest can view all videos created on the Photo Booth and share them directly from the Sharing Station.

Inflatable Tent & Selfie Photo Booth Camera Combo

This combo attraction is extremely popular and exciting. Guests will step inside and enjoy taking memorable photos with our Selfie Photo Booth Camera. This tent has LED lights inside to give off an amazing effect. Tent size 8x8x8 feet.

Add this combo with our 360 Photo Booth, and you’ll create moments like never before. Guest will be able to share each special moment by email, text, airdrop, and more.

Selfie Photo Booth Camera

The Selfie Photo Booth Camera is a fan favorite. Guests will step inside and enjoy taking memorable photos. 

Guests will be able to create photos, videos, boomerangs, and more. 

Add the Selfie Photo Booth Camera with our Inflatable Photo Booth Tent to experience moments like never before.

Combine the 360 Photo Booth with the inflatable tent & Selfie Photo Booth combo to create an epic event.

Instant Print Photo Booth

Take photos of memorable moments with guests at your event and receive instant prints. This package includes unlimited high-resolution prints of photos for your event.

Photos are taken with a professional digital camera to capture your greatest moments.

You’ll have the option to add a custom overlay to your event photos. Our Instant Print Photo Booth is a fan favorite if you want to hold on to a physical keepsake.

Sharing Station Kiosk

Use the sharing station to share photos and videos from your event. You’ll have the option to share in so many ways, such as email, text, Airdrop, and more.

Guest can view photos and videos taken throughout the event.

The Sharing Station is included in any of our Photo Booth rentals.

50" Live TV Add-On

The 50″ TV displays LIVE video of the guest(s) on the 360 Photo Booth. Guests will be able to view themselves and a live count down with animations. It’s super amazing and brings lots of fun and excitement to the event.

This is a must have and extremely popular. 

Throne Chairs

Rent a Throne Chair and feel like a King or Queen. Large-sized throne chairs are up to 6 feet tall. These chairs are great for any type of event.

We offer a large selection of throne chairs to choose from and multiple colors options.

Designed with quality and precision. 

Backdrops & Room Draping

360 photo booth for rental

Create the perfect setting for your event with our exquisite backdrops and room draping services. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, corporate event, or any special occasion, our custom-designed backdrops and elegant draping solutions will elevate the ambiance and transform your space into a breathtaking environment.


Backdrops: Our stunning backdrops are designed to complement your event’s theme and style. From romantic floral designs to modern geometric patterns, we offer a variety of options to create a captivating focal point for your celebration.


Room Draping: Transform any venue into an enchanting space with our luxurious room draping services. Our high-quality fabrics and expert draping techniques can conceal imperfections, soften the room’s appearance, and add an element of sophistication to your event.


Let us help you create a visually stunning atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Contact us today to discuss your backdrop and room draping needs.

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